• 5 Must Haves on a First Online Date

    Now that you have the perfect profile picture you want to look your best on your first online date.

    Make sure you Include these things in your handbag.

    1. Tooth picks or dental floss
    2. Mints or breath strips
    3. Make-up touch up kit
    4. A small nail file
    5. A small brush or comb

    1. Tooth picks or dental floss
    It is the absolute worst thing to get food between your teeth on a date and have no way of getting it out

    2. Mints or breath strips
    It’s so embarrassing to have bad breath and you know good and well after you eat you need something to freshen your breath.

    Now, if the date isn’t going so well and you know you don’t want to see him again.
    You may want to eat large amounts of garlic and onions.  This will definitely hinder your date from going in for a kiss.

    However, stay far away from garlic and onions if you like the guy.  Breath freshener will never help after eating these foods.

    Oh, and ladies, Never chew gum on a date! I have heard many men complain about this. When you chew gum it looks like a cow chewing its cud.  Soooo TACKY! Save it for being around your girlfriends. Unless of course you forgot any form of breath freshener. Bad breath is worse than looking like a cow.
    Bottom line, don’t forget breath freshener!

    3. Make-up touch up kit
    A girl doesn’t want to be caught looking shiny or have lip liner on when your lipstick has worn off.

    Powder, blush, and lipstick:
    Pack a small powder compact or blotting papers and a small blush and lipstick for touch ups.
    If you’re wearing red lipstick watch your teeth. There’s nothing worse than getting lipstick on your teeth.  One way that I prevent this from happening is to occasionally wipe my teeth with my finger when your date isn’t looking. This can be done inconspicuously.
    Eye Shadow:
    There’s usually no reason to worry about bringing eye shadows.  You can’t really go wrong with powder and blush but when it comes to eye shadow, if you get a little tipsy you don’t want to come out looking like Cleopatra!

    4. A small nail file
    For me the most annoying thing is when I chip a fingernail

    5. A small comb
    You don’t want your hair looking messy.

    Now you can go on your date with confidence knowing you look your BEST!