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    Dating after Divorce- Tips for Post Divorce Dating

    Dating after divorce can be difficult.  CNN.com has given tips to people referred to as “gray divorcees.” Gray divorcees are people who have divorced after the age of 50. The news outlet offered online dating tips for people who may have made their last foray into the dating world at a time when dating was much more formal. Older daters may be used to being set up or meeting people at school dances or other community events that they do not attend anymore. After having spent years with the same person, you are not used to having to think about getting to know new people with romance as the aim. For people who are not used to looking for love online, this can be quite an adjustment.

    Your transition into the world of dating after divorce, and many years of being married, may also be an adjustment for your children.

    If you haven’t dated since before you became a parent, your children may be skeptical. One expert gave the parents of adult children the same advice that is often given to the parents of young children:

    “Many gray divorcees have older children who can’t — or don’t want to — picture their parents on dates. When and how to break the news depends on the age and maturity level of the children. ‘Don’t tell the children until it becomes significant,’ Praver [a clinical psychologist] advises.”

    Older daters also have to think about what to call a significant other. Of course this is a minor concern since finding and connecting with someone is really the major hurdle. Some mature daters aren’t crazy about terms “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. One woman told CNN that she refers to the man she is dating as her “love slave” but noted that this was not something she planned to share with her sons.

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    How to Impress on First Date: Strategies for Success

    If you’re in the dating scene, you know first impressions are everything. Everyone’s been on a date in which the other person is rude, speaks loudly or too much, and doesn’t understand the give and take a first date should be in order for the two individuals to get to know each other. While first impressions may be simple for some, even they can learn more. Here are some tips on how you can make a great first impression on any first date.

    Handle Rejection

    Better get this out of the way first, because nobody likes rejection, yet it happens to us all. While rejection may come at the end of a first date, acknowledgement of this aspect of the dating culture is important, as is the way you deal with rejection when it occurs. When you suffer a true loss, it hurts, and you may need time, however, not landing a second date is not a tragedy, just another path.

    If you respond poorly when the person you’ve gone on a date with doesn’t want another, it reaffirms their decision. If you’re gracious and regretful, yet respectful of their decision, it can make people second guess themselves and if you live in a small town you’ll probably run into them again, maybe become friends–and who knows what will happen then.

    Talk, But not a Lot

    Remember the give and take of the first date we talked about earlier? Well, think of your first conversation like the tides–there is a natural ebb and flow when you’re on a first date. Both of you have questions for the other, both of you have passions you (potentially) want to share with this person, but this does’t mean you should bombard him/her with your hopes and dreams, or your life story. Of course, if you touch on a topic you’re both passionate about so much the better.

    Know What to Order

    If you go out for a bite and drink, know what you like. Don’t defer your choice, or pick something you might not enjoy. If you try and send a drink or plate of food back you might come off as snobbish, while if you don’t seem to enjoy your food, it’s likely your date will see this as a sign you aren’t enjoying yourself. Because of this, don’t try something new unless you know you’ll love it. If you meet at a bar, go for a classic like Guinness or Merlot. If you meet at a trendy restaurant, look for main ingredients you know you like, such as a turkey sandwich or a fresh salad, even if it has some unknown items on the side or as garnish.

    Is It Just Someone, or That Someone?

    More and more people find matches over the Internet these days, but make sure when you go on a date with someone you’ve found online that you’re interested in them not just anyone. Read their dating profile and before you meet, think of questions you can ask that person. Your date will appreciate the fact that that you read, and are curious about his/her profile and interests. If you find yourself constantly asking questions and don’t answer any in return, your date may have just been bored and out for some conversation, not interested in you specifically.

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    Online Dating- How to Make it Work for You

    If you are jumping back into the dating pool after the breakup of a long-term relationship or are newly divorced, you may not have any, or at least not much, experience with online dating. Today, all the dating action is online or via an app. When you start exploring online dating websites, you’ll find a mind-boggling number of online dating sites and dating apps to choose from. Many are broad-spectrum and attract daters of all types and ages. Other online dating sites target specific groups, such as suddenly single divorce survivors, college students, people over 60, Christians or other religious groups, specific ethnic or cultural groups and a plethora of others. There are even online dating sites that have an extremely narrow, very specific focus such as Trek Passions, a dating site for Star Trek fans. The point is, there’s an online dating site for every person; although you may have to try a few before you find a site the clicks.

    If you’re new to online dating, it’s important to remember that the ball is always in your court. Despite their promises, online dating sites do little to support their members beyond the initial profile set up (and religiously collecting your monthly fees). To achieve successful results (i.e., a date with someone fabulous), you need to take command of your online dating experience.

    Here are a few things the suddenly single need to know about dating.

    • When you sign up for an online dating site or app — before you hand over your credit card info — read all of the fine print. Make sure you understand the financial agreement, especially billing practices, automatic membership extensions, add-on expenses and how to cancel your membership if you are dissatisfied.
    • Invest some money in a professionally-written dating profile and dating headshot taken by a professional photographer. Taking the do-it-yourself approach by using the tools available on the dating site will severely limit your opportunity to connect with someone fabulous. When people scan online dating sites, your photo has to stand out from thousands of other photos and attract their attention. A professional photographer knows how to manipulate lighting, background and body position to make sure your dating headshot shows you at your best.
    • There’s an art to writing an online dating profile that attracts attention. If words aren’t your thing, consider getting some professional help with your profile. A pro could give your profile the zing it needs to make sure your online dating profile gets noticed.


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    4 Tips to Getting a Great Dating Photo

    You’re scrolling through hundreds of dating photos online and on dating apps to find that special someone who captures your eye. Like a slot machine, you suddenly stop at that one picture that captivates you amongst the blur of faces. It’s only then that you start reading the profile to see if it’s someone you would consider taking that next step with. What was it about that particular dating photo that stopped you in your tracks? Maybe it was the way they were dressed, or perhaps it was the expression on their face – or yes, it could just be the way the camera captured their body. Whatever it was, the fact is that a picture does tell a thousand words. Although there are so many other components that are important when it comes to attraction, people are not going to GET to know you if you are not putting yourself out there in a way that grabs someone’s attention. So I invite you to dig deep and ask yourself: Are you getting a “click” with your dating photo? Check out these tips and you will start seeing more action on your profile simply by focusing on your dating image and creating a great first impression.

    Tip #1: Hire a pro to take your dating photos.

    Because an amazing photo results in more people emailing you online, I highly recommend hiring a professional photographer like DatingHeadshots.com who can make sure you look your best by highlighting your strengths, and downplaying any flaws. If you don’t want to splurge on a professional photographer, you can still get a great photo by asking a friend to take a few shots of you outside before 10am or after 3pm when the light is the softest. Avoid trying to take these photos yourself!

    Tip #2: Choose the right clothes and accessories for your dating photos!

    You want your clothes to be sexy and put together, so choose your outfit wisely.

    A few things to avoid:

    • No sunglasses or glasses.
    • No patterns or stripes. They’re distracting and often add bulk.
    • No turtlenecks. They make you look closed off and aren’t particularly flattering.
    • No baggy clothing! Wear outfits that show off and slim your figure
    • Pay attention to your shoes! Women go for a heel with a dress.       Men a nice boot or dress shoe will really pull together even a casual look. And yes, women notice your shoes!

    Whether you’re getting your picture taken by a friend or a professional, change your outfit at least three times during the shoot. Have photos taken in at least one dressier outfit and one casual look. Choose accessories that are simple and fun, but not distracting.

    Also, men and women really respond to color! Try choosing colors that look great against your skin tone and really attract the eye. The most universally flattering colors are blue, green, purple, and red.

    Tip #3: Have the right attitude!

    Research shows that upon first impression (which is in the first 30 seconds of seeing someone), a person’s attitude is one of the most important determining factors of likability and attraction. That is why it’s crucial to make sure you are portraying a positive mood in your dating photos. Avoid bad posture, crossing your arms and being too serious. Instead focus on being approachable and inviting by smiling and appearing confident in your body language.

    Tip #4: Less is more!

    And I don’t mean less clothes! I mean less pictures. Remember you are only as good as your worst picture. You may look attractive in five pictures, but if the sixth picture is unattractive or you look vastly different from the rest, then you may lose your visitor at the last second. It’s not about what your friends would find cute or showing how diverse you are doing various activities. It’s about congruency, sex appeal and what the opposite sex finds attractive. I recommend three or four good shots varying in close ups and full body that puts you in the best light possible.

    Overall, it is important to keep in mind that it’s not about changing who you are so that you look vastly different, but portraying an attractive and sexy image that the opposite sex will find appealing, creating a desire to learn more about you.  Remember, Dating Headshots is here to help you get the best dating photos possible.

    For more tips on how to get Clicks on Your Pics, please check out our videos just for Men and Women.

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    9 Tips to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship

    When a relationship is new, there are butterflies and everything feels new and fresh. As time passes long-term partners might grow weary of the day-to-day, so ways to keep the spark in your relationship are crucial. Don’t let your love get boring! Show your lover you care. Here are 9 tips to keep the spark in your relationship and keep the love exciting.

    Mail Love Letters

    Why not revive the art of letter writing? In a world that is inundated by technology, a handwritten note will definitely let your honey know that you care. Mail it to him or her. This will add an extra touch and element of surprise, which will definitely keep the spark in your relationship alive. Find love-letter inspiration at Letters of Note.

    Go Out

    Work responsibilities, kid activities and the general stress of life can put a damper on your connection and put your relationship in a rut. Set up a date night at a restaurant you both enjoy. OpenTable.com makes reservations easy, even last minute.

    Send Sexy Texts

    Sometimes it isn’t possible to have a date night or take a weekend for yourselves, but that doesn’t mean your relationship is on pause. Send romantic text messages to each other. Get personal. A few flirty words sent throughout the day will be a welcomed interruption for the both of you.

    Dress Up

    Everyone want their boyfriends or girlfriends to notice them. Put effort into your appearance and take pride in your clothing and accessories. Splurge on a classy Coach handbag, a new outfit or a new haircut. This effort will show your significant other that you are still attracted them. Looking good and feeling good will ignite those initial sparks.

    Stay In

    You don’t need to go out to dinner for you and your special someone to go on a date. Cook a favorite meal and eat in the candlelight. With good food and good music in the background, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

    Or keep it casual. Low-key evenings are a fun way to add an extra something to your relationship. Grab the popcorn, chocolate and the beverage of your choice and unwind with a movie you’ll both enjoy.

    Be Intimate

    Sweatpants, dishes in the sink and screaming kids all get in the way of intimacy. Don’t let the sensual part of your relationship slip. Carve out time to nourish that physical connection.

    Go on a Staycation

    Extended vacations are not always possible, but a few days in town might give your relationship the boost it needs. Plan a few nights at a local hotel or bed-and-breakfast. Plan this in the off-season, so you can take advantage of the best deals.

    Air Grievances

    All couples run into problems and need time to vent and share relationship concerns. Take a break from your regular environment and slip into a coffee shop, where you two can discuss issues in a constructive manner. It shows you’re both still willing to put in the work.

    Surprise Him

    Plan a poker night for your significant other at home or organize an evening with the boys or girls where they can enjoy some guy or girl time. Your significant other needs space and a night out with their friends just like you do.

    A long-term relationship can show signs of age, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it fresh again.  Do you have any tips to keep the spark in your relationship?  If so, please let us know in the comments below.

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    Being Precise Can Lead to Online Dating Success

    Whether you are about to jump into online dating or you regularly keep an online dating profile up on several sites, it helps to hear from people with positive experiences and online dating success. In “How I Found a Boyfriend By Online Dating,” Jessica Wakeman gives advice to help people who are looking for companionship online. Wakeman met her current boyfriend online and prior to meeting this man, she had exclusive relationships with other men she’d met online.

    Wakeman took a step that some women would not to achieve online dating success: She posted an online dating photo of herself with no makeup. She decided to do this after a man told her that men assume that the photo where a woman looks “least “done up”” is the one that shows what she really looks like. So Wakeman posted one photo that she honestly identified as showing herself without makeup along with other photos of herself.

    Overall, she writes, “I put a lot of thought into writing my profile and it showed.” You might not want to follow Wakeman’s advice exactly, but she does give some good food for thought. Here are some of the other tips that Wakeman shared:

    Know what you want. Wakeman decided she would be very honest in her profile because she didn’t want to waste her time with people who didn’t have the qualities she was looking for.

    Be unapologetic about what you want. Wakeman had no qualms about not answering inquiries from online daters who obviously didn’t have the qualities she wanted. And she was polite in the way that she refused online daters who responded to her profile saying that they met most but not all of her requirements.

    Know what you don’t want. Since Wakeman was clear on what she wanted, she was able to consider people who fit those requirements, but also had interests and backgrounds that were new to her. Once someone met her requirements, so was fine with going on dates with people whose hobbies were new to her.

    Online dating success stories vary, so what’s your online dating success story?  Let us know in the comments.

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    First Date Ideas

    Butterflies in the stomach are understandable when you take your online romance offline for the first time.   Your online crush is likely to be as nervous as you are, so the best first date ideas take the pressure off by providing something to do while you’re getting to know each other. First dates are more likely to be successful – and lead to a second date — if you keep the atmosphere and activity relaxed, informal and on the low-key side.


    Hopefully, you’ve already played 20 questions online so you have some idea what your date might enjoy. While most of the first date ideas below have universal appeal, some are better suited to people who share specific interests. If in doubt, offer your date a choice of two activities.

    • Bowling is a great low-stress date. No real skill is required to enjoy some laughs and a little friendly competition over pizza and beer. Miniature golf, roller skating and ice skating are other options.
    • Aquariums and zoos are great places to walk and chat.
    • Art Gallery hops make great first dates. Sip some wine, check out a few galleries, do a little people watching – you’ll have fun even if art’s not your thing.
    • Go to a local festival, carnival or county fair. Ride a few rides, eat some corndogs and take aim at the shooting gallery.
    • If you have dogs, bond while you take your pups for a walk in the park or a local beach.
    • Visit a pumpkin farm and lose yourselves in the corn maze. Pick out the perfect carving pumpkin, providing a great activity for date #2!
    • Go to an arcade and spend the evening playing foosball, skeeball and pool.

    Do you have a go-to first date idea? Tell us about your most successful first date.

  • Drinking Etiquette Tips for a First Date

    3 Drinking Etiquette Tips for a First Date

    When you’re on a first date, every little gesture speaks volumes about your personality. Even something as simple as the way you turn the wheel when you drive or speak to a valet provides valuable information about you, and you can be sure that your date will notice even the tiniest ticks and quirks.

    This may be why so many first dates end up at the bar, where a more relaxed vibe allows for moments of real authenticity. It’s also a great place to see how your date answers the question, “What are you drinking this evening?” If you want to make a good impression at a bar or restaurant, it’s important to order a drink that shows a little sophistication without being overly complicated or pretentious.   That’s why we came up with our drinking etiquette tips to help you out.   Here are a few tips for ordering a drink during a first date, so you send the right signal.

    Be a Little Adventurous

    If you go somewhere new on your date, it’s OK to leave your comfort zone to try something new. If you go to a hip speakeasy, tiki bar or craft brewery, don’t just order the cheapest light beer special. This is no time to be frugal or to fall back on your favorite swill from your college days.

    Choose something a little off the beaten path, or better yet, let your date choose for you. A good cocktail is meant to be a conversation piece. Even if it isn’t exactly to your usual tastes, you’ll at least let your date know that you’re willing to try new things. If you find your new favorite drink in the process, that’s just an added bonus.

    When Ordering for Two, Keep It Simple

    If your date asks you to order a drink for them, it’s a good idea to keep it simple and sophisticated. Even if you’re the fun-loving type, it’s probably best not to see the request as a chance to surprise them with a mango pina colada or an extra hoppy IPA. Asking you to order a drink is a sort of test. Your date is showing that they are willing to trust you and that they’re hoping you make the most of the opportunity.

    Ask your date if they prefer their drinks to be on the sweet or savory side, then order a classic cocktail prepared in a classic style. A vodka martini is an ideal choice because it can be prepared dry or wet to match their response. Ordering a classic cocktail also lets you show off your savvy. Make sure you choose a smooth, crisp vodka like Ketel One, which is specially crafted for a well-prepared martini.

    Pick a Lane and Stay in It

    If you’re date is going well, you might feel the urge to keep the night going by ordering several eclectic drinks. Avoid that temptation and show a little restraint. Sip your drink and savor its flavors. Don’t feel bad ordering a palate-cleansing glass of water (no ice) between drinks.

    A first date isn’t a sprint to the finish line; it’s a slow, steady marathon. You want to give off the impression that you’re someone who likes to have fun, but you want the fun to be about the connection you’re forming with your date, and not about your ability to sample the whole drink menu.


    We hope you like our drinking etiquette tips, please let us know if you have any other etiquette tips you would like us to discuss in future blogs.

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    Ideas to Strengthen Your Relationship on Valentine’s Day

    So maybe last Valentine’s Day was a bust. One of you worked late; no one made dinner reservations. Maybe one of you even forgot. Whatever the case, this is the year to make it up to your significant other.

    Forget traditional flowers, chocolates and a fluffy teddy bear holding a heart. Get creative by seeking gifts and ideas that will strengthen your relationship. Here are five small, yet meaningful ways you can ensure the best Valentine’s Day for you and your significant other.

    Give an Experience

    Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become more materialistic. Who can buy the biggest diamonds, the reddest roses or the most chocolates. Break away from the materialistic mold this year by gifting your significant other an experience instead of something tangible. If you’re looking for a concert, show or musical, purchase tickets through Telecharge for an artistic and performance-filled evening with you and your loved one.

    Get Crafty

    A good ol’ homemade gift shows your significant other how much you care. However, if you’re not a very crafty person, let photos do the work for you. Find a great frame or photo album, and fill it with pictures of the two of you. Don’t forget to leave space for your future memories as well.

    If you want to find your way to your significant other’s heart via the stomach, festive baked goods are a great way to go. Make heart-shaped brownies, pink frosted cupcakes or stud-muffin treats. For a traditional yet creative approach, decorate your own vase or pot for a unique twist to hold Valentine flower favorites.

    Stay Local

    I’m not talking about your local restaurant or bar, but even more local — your own home or apartment. Invite your significant other over for a three-course meal you make. Or do the cooking together while sipping wine and dancing around the kitchen to your favorite tunes.

    Set the table with your best china and candles to create a romantic ambiance. After dinner, watch a movie you both enjoy and cuddle up on the couch. The best part about staying local: no reservations, no overpriced Valentine’s Day menu and no crowd to beat home.

    Send It in the Mail

    If you’re spending Valentine’s Day apart, UPS or FedEx are here to help. Create a care package for your significant other filled with lots of favorite goodies and knick-knacks. If you’re at a loss for ideas, throw in favorite snacks, a book they would enjoy reading, photos of the two of you and personal care items such as lotion or cologne.

    Write It Down

    Although Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day you should tell your loved one what they mean to you, it’s definitely a day you shouldn’t forget. If you’re not great with spoken words or just want something your loved one can read whenever he or she wants, write it down. It doesn’t have to be a love song or a poem, although those would be greatly appreciated.

    Write the story of when you first met or one of your favorite memories together. Write a love letter that speaks from your heart. If you’re looking for some inspiration, consult one of these famous love letters guaranteed to get your juices flowing.

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    The Best Cities in the World for Online Dating, According to Men and Women

    The Best Cities Worldwide for Online Dating?

    Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.thrillist.com

    No offense to Coffee Meets Bagel but knowing what the best international cities for online dating is fine,  but I think most people are more interested in finding out their chances of dating success in their own “backyards”.

    One of the benefits of using online dating sites is the ability to tailor your searches to not only your immediate location but nearby cities and maybe even your vacation spot in order to maximize your potential of finding the “one”. We certainly agree that too narrow a search can have a detrimental impact on your search results and have negative impact on your online dating success. However, looking for that perfect someone worldwide can cause some major budget issues for you if you happen to connect with someone 3000 miles away.