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It is no surprise that the photography industry as a whole is going through many changes. No longer are professional photographers the only viable content providers in the market. Amateur and semipro photographers now take their best work and load it online to one of the many photography distribution channels like Britecube, Flickr, or PhotoShelter. The end result of all these new players in the market is that they are driving the price of quality photography down to record lows.

Professional photographers who were used to selling their imagery through distribution channels like Getty and Corbis, are now finding that there are many new players in the market and many new distribution channels available to the art/imagery buyer. Many have seen their annual income declining because of this. So what’s the solution? As in every industry going through change the solution is to explore new markets.

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One of the largest uses of digital photography is in the online dating industry. ComScore estimates that 21 million people visited online dating sites in April 2008 alone. The online dating company’s host 10s of millions of digital photos of their members. The key to successful online dating is the profile photo that users upload to attract dates. The Online Dating Companies go so far as to insist that online dating success is 15 times more likely with a profile photo than no photo at all.

If you look at any online dating site the first thing they ask you to do is do a search on who you’re looking for. The result of that search is a whole page of photos of people that are supposed to meet your criteria. In fact, there’s even a way to eliminate those who do not have a photo from the search results. So what does this tell you about the online dating companies? They are focused on helping individuals meet by appealing to their profile photos.

Unfortunately, many online daters rely on poor self portraits or worse, crappy “party pictures”, you know those embarrassing photos that someone snaps of you in one of your drunken rages with all your buddies crowded around you. In fact, most people have not had a “portrait” shot since they last went to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Millions of people are starting to realize that they are not getting the date they deserve because of their profile photo.

With this many people in need of quality photography and a decline in the traditional photography market, photographers should seriously consider exploring the online dating market as a way to sell their photographic expertise. The online dating market is a perfect match for professional photographers and online daters.

An online dating photographer can make you look your best without making you look too posed or artificial. They understand the correct lighting that is needed to produce quality images for display on webpages. Going to a professional digital photographer for your profile photo needs is probably the best way to increase your chances of meeting that special someone.

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Dating Headshots realizes that quality professional photos done by an online dating photographer not only enhance an individual’s profile but more often than not are the sole determining factor in whether or not an individual is approached for a date.

What You Get:

50-100 Professional Photos
You’ll look your best in all kinds of styles and poses for your online dating profiles.

A Complete Portfolio
This includes all the photos you will need to showcase your style and individuality—portraits, full body, ½ body and everything in between. Our photographers will work with you to find the poses, lighting and “look” that bring out the best in you.

Free Online Proofing Portfolio
View all your photos and share with friends on your very own safe, secure proofing site. You can even download photos directly from your proofing pages.

Hassle Free Reservation System
Using our site, it’s simple to find a fully-screened professional photographer in your area and set up a photo shoot. In fact, it’s as easy as buying a movie ticket online—just enter your zip code in the box above and click “Get Started.”

Keep ALL Your Photos
Choose the images you want or download them all. We’ll give you downloadable access to every photo you take in your shoot and we’ll never make you wait for attachments.

100% Quality Satisfaction Guaranteed
If there is a problem with the technical quality of your photos, like out-of-focus shots or poor lighting levels, we will either reshoot the photos free or offer you a full refund, no questions asked.


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