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DatingHeadshots provides dating sites with a full suite of turnkey profile improvement services.

We aggregate services for online daters and package them up in a tidy offering that’s cost-effective, easy to implement and practically sells itself.

Members can choose from our a la carte menu of services, ranging from Pro photo shoots to retouching existing photos to identity verification and even help writing their profile.

Dating Headshots offers superior value - more photos and a lower price than the competition.

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"specializes in taking pictures that look good on internet [dating] sites"

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Dating Company - What's in it for you!

Additional Revenue Streams – Mo’ money!

DatingHeadshots partners benefit from a new revenue stream based on photo shoots and profile enhancement services booked through our company. This service allows our partners the ability to “up sell” services to existing and new members as well as offer an incentive to perspective new members as an inducement to convert from a visitor to a member.

Increase Retention – Keep them coming back

Online daters are interested in getting the most responses to their profile as possible. Yet many do not realize that their poor profile photos are actually hurting their online dating experience. Better profiles lead to more dates!

New member sales incentives – Increase signups

Offering profile enhancement services to your visitors is a powerful way to entice them to become members. Dating site members will see a dramatic increase in responses to their profile, which will result in greater satisfaction with your service and increased member retention, resulting in higher subscription fees per member.

Only Pro Photographers – No Amateurs

Datingheadshots contracts with pro photographers working out of commercial studios. No amateur photographers with consumer cameras shooting on a street corner. These guys no what it takes to make your members look great and they treat your members like you would expect a pro to treat their clients. The best photographer using the best equipment shooting in real commercial studios means your Members have a premium experience.

Simple, Easy to use Reservation system

Our custom reservation system makes it as easy for your member to book a shoot with a pro photographer as it is for them to purchase movie tickets online. The simple process lets them input their zip code and choose from one of our photographers close by. Simple, intuitive and easy as 1-2-3. Your members are walked through the process in only a few steps.

Customer Support – It's on us!

From managing the shoot to handling customer fulfillment, questions and problems. The DatingHeadshots customer support takes care of your members as soon as they enter the process. An easy to use site, comprehensive Help / FAQs and a Toll free number mean that your members questions and concerns can be dealt with quickly and efficiently with minimum impact to your customer support staff.

Reactivate Inactive Members

Offer inactive members the opportunity to re-engage with your site by promoting Datingheadshots.

Your Members - What's in it for them!

Professional Photo Shoots

The DatingHeadshots photographer network will provide your member with the very best professional photography (only pro studios) available for their online dating profiles. The better your members look the more appealing your site is to new and existing members. In addition, the DatingHeadshots reservation system makes it as easy to schedule a professional photo shoot, as it is to buy movie tickets online.

Personal, shareable proofing site

Each client receives a link to their own personal, secure proofing site allowing them to review and immediately download the photos they want. These online proofing sites are included at no extra charge.


Photo Retouching Services

The DatingHeadshots Photo Retouching service allows us to accommodate any member who chooses to use an existing photo. These services allow us to extend the revenue model to any and all existing and potential new members while improving the overall attraction of your dating site. Photos are resized, reformatted and retouched perfectly for your clients dating profile and are ready for download in just a few days. Perfect for clients who don’t want or can’t visit a studio.

Identity Verification Services - Honesty Online            

DH partners with industry leader Honesty Online Link to HO to provide a verified identity credential as an option for your members. Your members’ credential is a virtual calling card that lets other daters know their potential dates are safe to date. This service can be used to make your company “litigation proof” and protect your company from claims of fraud and abuse.

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Date-ability index

The Date-ability index is a state of the art photo evaluation system. A fun way for your customers to have their existing dating profile photos rated by experts and find out if their photo is helping or hurting their online dates.

Profile Writing Services

Coming soon, integrate, bundled profile-writing services that complete your members' online dating profile and help them get the very most from their online dating experience while improving overall customer satisfaction and retention. Offer these services to reactivate expired memberships with hardly any effort.

Simple Integration with Your Existing Dating Site

Integration Options

DH offers various levels of integration for your company.

  • “White Label” – We integrate directly in your site. DH maintains the backend systems and adds/delete/modifies photographers and services.
  • Affiliate Services – we can integrate with your dating site like any other affiliate referral services.
  • Premium Ad Placement- we can provide you with specific ads targeting your members and provide a unique discount code for your members.

There are no hidden costs associated with integrations. We are happy to discuss your needs and will work with you to deliver a solution that works.

Contact us now to learn how DatingHeadshots can increase your revenues while improving customer satisfaction!